March 10, 2013

Celebrating Family

February is a month of celebration of love in our home.  This year we celebrated our three year family birthday.  It falls just around Valentine's Day so we had a couple weeks of sweet fun in our home.  Here are a few pics of our celebration and V-day fun.
Xavier got stickers from his Grandpa in the mail.  He ended up seeing how many he could fit on his face.  He used all of them!  Including Sage's and Haven's stickers too.

This picture may be really embarrassing one day...although Asher has a really good sense of humor.  The headband was a V-day treat from Grandpa.  Asher had fun with it and in the end was able to figure out how to put the headband on.

Yomo and Numo got all the kids really special V-day cards this year.  They sang, danced, spun, had bright lights.  We had them out for over a month because all the kids kept playing with them.

For our family birthday we started our long day by taking the whole family out to breakfast.

We went to the flight museum in Seattle.  I'm not a museum person by any means.  Normally I just want out, but we had so much fun here with the kids.  There was a ton of stuff to see and do.  We could have stayed longer but there ended up not being enough time in the day.  The story of this season of my life.

The gift shop ended up being one of the kids favorite things to visit.

The kids got to go in a couple different space shuttles.  Videos were set up in windows so as they looked out they saw what an astronaut would see in space.  Here they are pretending there is no gravity.  Velcro straps were all over the place for them to hold on to.

There were several planes the kids could play in and explore the cockpit of.  Asher loved them too.

Here is Xavier learning how to fly a puddle jumper plane.  There were so many gadgets for him to explore and figure out.  Right up his alley.

What kind of pilot are they?

The kids were able to learn how to para-glide through this awesome simulator. 

How does a hot air balloon work?  Asher didn't care but the button that inflates the balloon was fun to push because it made noise.

There were fighter air-crafts with missiles.  A hit with the boys.

The kids got to walk through a huge space shuttle.  They tried astronaut food too.   I think we finally found a dessert they don't want more of.

Sage in space.  Earth to Sage....

When we got home we made cupcakes with the kids at their request.  They did most of the work, eating included.

We have closed the door on February and winter is over.  It was a very mild winter and I think we were all disappointed we didn't get more snow.  Spring is on the way and we're excited to enjoy the warmth that awaits us.  Here is a short video of Asher enjoying playing indoors.  I love how a box is still a kids favorite toy.  Not only did Asher love this box, all the big kids played with it for weeks.