February 10, 2013

A Mellow Month

January has been a relatively mellow month for us.  We've certainly been busy with the usual but after the holiday craze we enjoyed a little down time and planned a snow day outing.
Snowshoeing near Mt. Rainer.  Up we go...Paul was carrying an extra load on the trail with Asher on his back.

This was the first time we took the boys snowshoeing and they LOVED it.  The day couldn't have gone better.  It ended up being so warm we didn't need our jackets, beanies, or gloves.

Such a spectacular mountain.

The view at the top of the trail.

Asher was so cozy all bundled up that he fell asleep in the hiking pack for half the hike.  He was wiped by the time we got home.

We've had a small amount of rain the last couple weeks so Asher has been able to go outside and play.  It's been fun because it's the first season he's been old enough to actually "play" outside and explore.  He typically likes to follow all the big kids.  The video below shows him trying to talk to the kids as they play outside.  They all ran to the playground and he wanted to join them.

We do a lot of baking in our house in the winter.  I challenged the kids the make cookies on their own.  They were super excited and it was pretty comical watching them try and figure it out.  They ended up needing more help than I anticipated but the cookies were yummy in the end and they had a good time.

This is a typical afternoon at our house.  One of the kids reads for homework and Asher climbs on the sofa with his books to join them.

Haven loves playing with Asher and his toys.  Here she is pushing Asher around on his wheely bug.

It turns out Asher loves basketball.  We have a little hoop in his bathtub.  There is a hoop in his play area now but his favorite seems to be when all the big kids go outside to play on the big hoop with the big balls.  Giving him his usually options isn't good enough.  He wants to do what the big kids do.

Auntie Lolo came to visit this month and help out around the house.  Seeing the kids with her reminds me how big they're getting.
Look how tall Xavier is.  He's almost taller than Lauren now.  My big 5th grader.