February 25, 2011

Keeping it Simple

We had a long weekend due to midwinter break so we headed to the Oregon coast to go camping for a few days.  Although it was cold we hit some stellar weather.  Each day was sunny with few clouds and no rain.  In the middle of February that is just so LUCKY!!!!  We had no plans for the weekend.  Our goal was just to have uninterrupted family time and keep it simple.  Everyday was wonderful and I am so proud at how much better the kids are getting at going on vacation.  The first couple times we've left home the kids would get scared that we would never come home again but they are starting to trust that we will come home.  Now when we pack up to go home they are starting to say, "Mom, can we stay longer", "Dad, can we come back for my birthday".  Totally cool that they are beginning to be able to embrace new journeys.

The boys have been talking about wanting to fly kites for awhile.  There was a kite store in the town we were in and they each picked out a different color.  The boys had smiles on their face the whole time (Haven found it a little boring).

We walked from our campsite to this vista.  It doesn't look like much but it was 3-4 miles and wore out the kids (YEAH!!!!  We're always amazed when we do that.).  Later Sage drew a picture of the bridge we saw.  He remembers so many details when he draws pictures of structures, buildings, vehicles....my little engineer.

The kids had fun running, jumping and diving in the sand dunes.  Did they get sandy!  We had to pour sand out of their shoes and have them wear rain boots the next time.

Sage and Haven enjoyed building sand castles.  We also played soccer, frisbee, and catch.  Each beach we went to had a view of a lighthouse.  There were three in the area.  The kids had never seen one before.  On this trip we started a charm bracelt for Haven.  It is a tradition my grandma started with my mom and then my mom did with my sister and I.  When we would travel we would try and find a charm that reminded us of where we went.  Haven picked out her first charm for her bracelet.  She picked a lighthouse.

One way we escaped the cold was to take games to cafes and get warm drinks.
The kids loved getting steamers and hot coco.

Haven said one of her favorite things to do on the trip was go out to eat every night because we don't go to restaurants that much at home.  This pic is at an Irish restaurant.  Paul and I love Irish food and it turns out the kids don't mind it either....NO that isn't H's drink!

Here is a glimpse of inside our yurt (and Xavier pretending to fall off).  It had a small heater in it to keep us warm in the 20 degree weather.  The kids did homework and would color pictures and put them in all the wood diamonds to decorate.

 Just a happy mama bear with her kids.

 The kids got fresh caramel popcorn and saw this bench and just sat and looked out at the ocean for awhile.  We told Haven she needs to enjoy fun treats like popcorn now...she needs some orthodontic work done soon and will have to stay away from some of her favorites for almost a year.

 Being silly in downtown. 
 Our last hike to the beach.

As the sun set on our journey we drove home and another one was waiting for us..totally unexpected since we were off the grid for a few days.

FINALLY!!!!  SNOW at home.

No school, snowball fights, sledding down our driveway...the kids aren't having any fun at all.

February 2, 2011


It's February and it's been gray for over three months now.  I don't normally notice it because I have grown to love winter.  The trees are barren, the constant rainy mist is soothing, I get cozy bundling up from the cold...I feel like I"m doing pretty well with all the clouds and the 4-5 feet of rain we get...then a sunny day comes and I get so amped to get OUTSIDE.  The days when it's sunny out and I have to work in the office are tough.  When the sunshine falls on the weekend I make the kids breakfast, pack up the car and tell them let's hit the road.

Hiking with my boys.  The high was in the high 20s this day but it was the first sunny day we had in awhile and the boys were willing to hang with me.  They ran around so much on the hike they actually got warm.  That's my boys...endless energy.

Building a fort on the beach with drift wood.  This beach day was perfect.  No rain, no wind, hardly any clouds...a rarity in winter.

They would have played until the sun went down.

Each time we've been able to get out and play in the sun this winter, at the end of the day when Paul and I tuck the kids into bed, one of them usually says, "Can we wake up and do that again?"