April 8, 2013

A Bunch of Fun

Asher likes to try and do whatever the big kids do.  Whenever they get out their scooters he wants to hop on too.

The sun is coming out for days at a time.  It's warm enough to enjoy the rays.  I adored seeing Sage enjoy the sun like this.  He was out on the porch just hanging in the sun for over an hour while talking to his sister.  You'd think we'd had a winter of gray or something.

The kids use this laptop to do homework and have fun.  Asher has to be like the big kids and pretend to type.

Just hanging with my cutie on the sofa.

I don't' really celebrate St. Pat's Day but with kids it's just unavoidable.  I'd been wanting to try and make homemade fudge.  Since Xavier needs to stay away from chocolate we tried white chocolate peanut butter fudge instead.  We added green to be festive.
The boys helped with the whole process.
For a first try...this was beyond yummy!!!!

Haven got the idea of trying to catch a leprechaun from kids at school.  She went on the internet to get ideas and ended up making two different traps.  When she woke up on St. Pat's Day she had some yummy chocolate gold instead of catching a leprechaun.  I love that girl's creativity.

Haven has been a bus helper all school year and was given this dancing hat as a reward.  Asher made a St. Pat's Day crown in daycare.

Xavier has been spending a lot of time outside making bows and arrows.  He's done a pretty good job too.  He's figured out how to make the arrows go further and shoot straighter.  He's made a quiver and is now aiming at targets.  The other two are following suit and taking trips into the woods to explore.  We've actually had to tell them to let us know when they're leaving so we know where to find them.  With 5 acres forest it can be hard to yell and find kids.

Asher is learning how to communicate everyday.  We're trying to teach him to sit down to eat and drink.  He's creative with where he decides to sit sometimes.

Asher can open all the doors to get in and out of the house now.  He likes being close to everyone whether he's in the mix or watching from the porch.

We spent Easter weekend at my sister's house.  It was a summer weekend and we spent all weekend outside.  We went to a wonderful park on Lake Washington in Seattle area. 

Asher on the playground happy to play.

Sage on one of the many funky structures at the playground

Just me and my kids.  I was shocked how determined the kids were to play in the water.  It was so cold it sent pins and needles through my body.  Even Asher wanted to go play.  He would try and follow the dogs into the water as they swam after their balls.

Making Easter basket cupcakes with Auntie Lauren...the kids ate enough sugar to last the year....by my standards of course.

Uncle Jay and Aunt Lauren spoiled the kids.  They hid about 150 eggs all over their complex.  The kids searched for over an hour to find them all.  Asher was more interested in trying to find siblings.
When we got back from Lauren's we had a mellow Easter afternoon at home.  We all laid in the sun for almost an hour before we decided to bring out more Easter fun.  We missed you sunshine!

Asher just moved up in clothing sizes and is now fitting into 2T clothes.  He's a toddler all around,   trying to say different words, repeating a lot of sounds and actions, wanting to be independent and explore.  He's a hand full and we all love him to pieces.

As spring break came to an end, Haven had a performance we all went to.  Haven has found a love for acting and being a part of plays.  Paul and I have never been into drama so it's a new world for us.  It's the first time she has liked participating in something with other people and it's fabulous she has finally found something.  Here she is as a little kid in murder mystery, Who Killed Humpty Dumpty?
 She was also the bailiff with the cast of the play below.  After a week long camp the play ran about an hour long.  The boys and their friends enjoyed it too.
I realized I never posted a picture of Haven in a big production she was a part of in December.  After 6 weeks of rehearsals Haven was in a Little Mermaid musical.  It was a very good show and we were so proud of all that Haven did.  She was a part of almost every scene.  Remarkable!