May 1, 2011

Fabulous Family Time

We had a fun trip to So Cal at the beginning of April.  We went for the kids spring break and stayed for 10 days thinking it would be long enough but we still left wishing we had more time with everyone.  Here are some snapshots of our fabulous time with family.

The kids got early Easter baskets from Grandma and Grandpa.  Here is Haven using her new stencils with Grandma.  She loves this kind of thing.
 One of the kids' favorite thing to do was have Grandma read stories to them everyday.        Thanks Mom!

 The kids loved meeting and holding their new baby cousin Rhys.

  The kids had loads of fun with their big cousin Ev and little A, who isn't so little anymore.  This is a video of them pushing each other as fast as they can on a toy car made for little kids 3 and under.  Instead, the big kids took it over and Ev got pushed by my crazy bunch.

Haven got some girl time with Yomo.  She was given a new doll, Olivia that she was able to take care of whenever she went over to Yomo's.  She loves this doll now and carried her home on the plane and buckled her up in a seat belt for the drive home.

Numo was able to get some missing pieces together for a very nice train set for the boys to play with.  The boys ABSOLUTELY loved this and found it to be to coolest thing.  They played with it for hours.

Yomo and Numo took the kids to Color Me Mine.  They each picked out an animal to paint.  Sage picked his soccer team colors to paint his piggy bank cat.  He wants to save quarters in it that will be from different US states and territories.

As always...BEACH TIME WITH FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

Fun with Grandpa
How did you do that Dad???  I can no longer pick up one of them alone.

Haven had some more girl time with Yomo and decorated cupcakes for the family.

Here they are miniture golfing with Yomo and Numo.  This course was much better than the one by our house so they had a really good time.  The video below is how Haven celebrated getting a hole in one.

Can you say DISNEYLAND??????????????????????  This was a HUGE TREAT from Grandparents.  Thanks mom and dad!!!!  It was a REALLY wonderful family day.  We felt so spoiled!

When we walked into Disneyland Paul and I looked at each other and said, "What do we do?  We hadn't taken them on anything other than a carousel or a Ferris wheel.  We started with the Rockets.  That was a piece of cake for the kids.
Then we moved on to other rides to see how they would do.  The Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean.  That's when I looked at Paul and said, they can handle the big rides no problem.  Our next ride was Big Thunder Mt.  I was SOOOOOOOO glad they loved roller coasters.  I prepared myself for a day of boring kid rides (Dumbo and anything else in that area).  NO WAY!!!  After one roller coaster they were hooked.  It ended up being so much more fun for Paul and I because of that.  They are ready for more!!!!
We saw so many Disney characters throughout the day.  Haven adored all the princesses, which is funny because she is no princess!!!!  The boys got shy around all of them because they thought they were pretty.  How cute is that?

ToonTown Fun

Just being goofy at Space Mountain because it was the longest line we had to wait in all day.  I sat by Xavier on this ride and he screamed the whole time.  I ended up laughing the whole time because he cracked me up.

We had an EXTRA special treat meet us at Disneyland.  Auntie Lolo and Uncle Jay joined us for part of the fun.  To make it even better, it was Uncle J's b-day and he had to wear a shirt all day that said so.  He got A LOT of Happy Birthday's from Disney workers and visitors.  Thanks for joining us!!!!  It meant a lot to the kids!!!
As we walked all over the place...from ride to ride, meal to meal, Paul and I realized the kids had never had cotton candy.  After one bite or melt of it in their mouth, they were hooked!!!!