April 22, 2011

Family Night

Our family went to California to visit family and we were able to stay for a week and a half.  It was a long trip which was really nice but no matter how long we stay there it always seems like we can have more time with everyone.  The kids got so much affection and attention from family that when they came home they went through withdrawals.  When we got home we all jumped right back into work and school so we decided that Friday night should be a family night and we should all do something fun together.  We talked about going on a hike (now that the sun is out past 8PM), we talked about playing board games or just any game in the rec room, we talked about watching a movie with the kids (which we rarely do), we ended up not doing any of those things and wrestled instead.  It was totally not planned, it just all started with one feisty kid ready to play with me and they all joined in...including Paul.


They did this for so long they were dripping in sweat and had to open the window to cool off.  The next morning Haven woke up and asked if we could do it again for family fun night.  I told her, "We can't do it every night, then it wouldn't be as fun and special.  Let's do something different tonight.  Okay?"  In mom code that means, "If I did that with you every night I'd break something".