May 15, 2011

Spring Time

Spring is finally here and we're enjoying the nice days outside.  Last year at this time Xavier was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  We were pretty limited last spring so we're really enjoying being able to get out this season and have fun.  It's beyond words wonderful to see X be so capable of physical activity this year.  He has no limitations and now that he has had time to heal, adjust to being healthy and having a different body, all with the added weight of 25lbs, he has very little fear now and is ready to dive into things like never before.

Spring is full of rainbows at our house.  Every night I come home from work and if the sun is out and rain dropping, the kids look for rainbows.  It's really cute because every time they run to the window and look, Clover - our dog, joins them and looks out the window with them.  What she's looking at who knows but it is so cute to see the four of them staring out the window waiting for a rainbow to magically appear.

The kids helped me plant a lot of bulbs in the Fall.  I remember the day well because they helped me dig all the holes and as we were placing the bulbs in each hole it started to hail.  We couldn't postpone because we were headed out of town and needed to get them in before the first freeze.  They did pretty well this year.  The kids were so happy watching them start to grow and then bloom.  They already want to plant more kinds and colors for next year.

Xavier saw me taking pictures of the flowers to show Grandma and he wanted one with him and the flowers to show her too.  Here you go Mom!

The boys are LOVING being in soccer this year.  I think they look adorable in their uniforms.  I'm not much of a soccer fan but I am certainly their fan and it's been fun to watch them in practice and games as their confidence grows.  They have learned the rules of the game and different techniques to use and what they are capable of doing.  If I'm not able to make a game they call me and tell me all about what happened.  So sweet!

We've made a couple trips to the skate park so the kids can ride their skate boards and scooters.  Last time we went Haven wanted to try roller blades.  She quickly switched to a scooter after seeing how much more they boys were doing.

Here we are getting ready for Easter.  A friend of mine sent me a dessert that was fun for the kids.  We just mixed chow mein noodles with melted butterscotch chips and the kids shaped them into nests and added jelly beans for bird eggs.  This was their favorite dessert.

 This is how Haven and Xavier helped me with my second round of baking for Easter.  As I made the cookies inside they sat outside slowly licking the cookie dough off the beaters.

 We had a scavenger hunt for the kids to find their Easter baskets.  Each clue lead to another clue.  We didn't know how well they would do and after they finished we realized we made it way too easy for them.  Next year will be harder

 The kids went berserk looking for eggs.  We have such a big yard that the many eggs I had in my bag quickly diminished and once in the yard it looked like I had hardly hidden anything.  That wasn't the case though, the kids had plenty of eggs.

 Haven was so excited counting her eggs and the money inside of each one.  It was touching to see all three of my kids counting their change and adding up how much money they got.  Just a few months ago they had trouble telling coins apart and now they are able to do so much more.  I'm a proud mom to see how far my kids have come in such a short time.