January 30, 2015

Happy New Year

We had a wonderful Holiday season.  I think each year we get busier than before and each year we think it can't get any busier.  Here are my beautiful kids on Christmas day.

Leading up to Christmas...just some snapshots of everyday life.

Boys will be boys.

Silly time and reading.  Two of Asher's favorite things.
            Fall seems so far away now but it was full of goodness.  Haven and I traveled to California together for a very quick weekend celebration.  My sister's baby shower.  Haven had fun playing with her cousins.

 When we returned from traveling more family time arrived with Thanksgiving.


I bought this turkey hat so I could paint Lauren's belly and be ridiculous.  It turned out to be silly on everyone that wore it.

 We played many games over the holiday weekend.

It was so nice having days off of work to spend time with everyone.

A surprise gift arrived the day after Thanksgiving, our first snow.  Everyone was thrilled to wake up to the yard covered in white.

We treated the family to their first professional theater performance.

 It was a wonderful show and everyone went away smiling and ready for more Christmas festivities.

Paul celebrated his birthday and the kids liked playing with all his toys.

Of course we made gingerbread houses with the kids.

The big kids wanted to tackle the gingerbread house on their own.  It became a hysterical attempt that lasted over an hour.  It ended up looking more like an earthquake Christmas house.  The kids had fun though!

We had more Christmas fun visiting a local theme park that had a little something for everyone.

Asher went on his first rides.  He smiled a lot that night.

 Christmas morning.  Fun fun fun.

Grandma and Pop-Pop arrived and played with all the new gifts.


A family photo.  A rarity these days.

Just before the new year we celebrated Asher's 3rd birthday.

In the new year we drove up north to visit Lauren at the science center as she waited for her little guy to arrive.

Baby Logan finally arrived and was born almost 2 weeks late.  I was honored to help with the delivery.  My sister was such a strong trooper and Logan is beautiful.

We are so excited to spend the next year with cousin Logan!