November 5, 2014

Bring on the Rain

After a long, dry, warm, and sunny summer, the rain has finally arrived and is very welcomed.  Before the rain and cold arrived we got out a lot to enjoy the remaining sunshine.

Sage learned how to sail this summer in Puget Sound with one of his best buds.
We made a couple trips to the beach and enjoyed Ocean Shores.  Just hanging out...
exploring the beach...
playing a game of family soccer...
flying kites...
racing go karts...

playing with old school 25 cent arcade games...
and visiting with grand parents.
We had a fun family day meeting Auntie Lauren in Seattle to go to the Woodland Park Zoo.  All the kids were able to see various animals for the first time.  Asher was so excited before we went he was singing about it.




Zebras and giraffes.

Making paper out of elephant poop.
Back at home...
 Asher learned how to roller skate.

Asher wants to do what the big people around him are doing.  He's helping Paul out with yard work.
Haven celebrated her 12th birthday at the end of September.

 She was so excited when Paul drove up with her new bike.

It was a rainy weekend so Haven had a movie marathon with lots of junk food.  She said it was her favorite birthday.
Asher enjoyed his first cupcake at the birthday celebration.  He has a good method of eating, frosting first and then don't eat most of the cake.

October was full of fall festivities.  It was hard to coordinate everything around all the boys soccer games but we somehow managed to do it.

A local Cider Mill has some of the best homemade cider around and fun outdoor festivities for kids.

The family completed a 12 course corn maze.  All the kids loved hiding and trying to scare each other as we found our way through the maze.  The kids went on a tractor pulled ride afterwards.
 The Tacoma Zoo had an October fest where everyone could dress up and play games.  The kids got to pet sharks and sting rays for the first time.

Just before Halloween we went to the pumpkin patch.

The kids tried the pumpkin sling shot.  It was harder than it looks.

A big hit with the kids was the slide.  After each ride the most common phrase was "again?"

Pumpkin carving afterwards.

Happy Halloween!!!!!  This year was Asher's first trick or treating event.  The family thought he would just go to a house or two but he wanted to keep going with the big kids all night.
Xavier came up with a creative way to get rid of a rotting pumpkin!
That's the last hectic three months but Paul and I have decided that everyday is pretty crazy.  We think we might have some down time but most nights Paul and I don't sit down until 9pm or later...then wake up and do it all over again!