February 4, 2012

The First Few Weeks

We made it through the first few weeks of life with four kids.  I don't have much to say with this posting.  I just loaded up a bunch of pictures for all of you who have been asking to see more of the baby.  Here you go!

Dinner time.  Asher has become our centerpiece as well as the kids entertainment.

This kid hates it when his arms aren't free.  He will normally grunt and groan if you restrict his arm movement and once his arms are free he's a happy camper.

Xavier is proving to be such a good big brother.

This video is SUPER funny.  It was meant to be a video of hiccups but there is a loud surprise you have to hear.  This kid can already compete with his brothers' smelly gas.


 Asher meeting his Grandpa (my dad) and Great Grandpa Hoho.

 Asher meeting Grandma.

More family visits.  Cousins, Aunts and Uncles.  So much fun and love!

  Bath time! 

After months of waiting for snow.  It finally came.  It came with such force that we lost power for 6 days straight and then on and off for a couple more days.  That was a little rough with a two week old.  The kids were troopers and didn't complain once until it was all over.

The boogie boards turned out to be the best sleds for the kids.  The kids can use our driveway and septic mound for sledding hills and they both work pretty well if the snow isn't powder.  Below is a funny video of them trying to sled in powder.  Funny but not successful.

 Here the kids are building igloos and snowmen in the back yard.

Our front yard.

Asher's first trip to enjoy the snow.  I think it blinded him because he was awake and once we walked outside he closed his eyes the rest of the time.
Asher was a little fussy this night and Paul started rocking him.  He fell asleep just like this.

Belly time with Papa.

Asher is smiling everyday now when we talk to him.  It is SO cute and we've gotten it on camera a couple times.

 Numo with Asher.

 Yomo playing the Wii (Dance) with the boys.  This was a Christmas gift from Yomo and Numo to the kids and they really liked the Dance game from Uncle Peter.  Thanks Uncle Peter!

 As many of you know...I'm a sucker for kids in tie dye.  Here is my handsome boy.
Game time with family.

 After the power outage the kids added power lines to their Lego village upstairs.  Xavier then built a work truck to fix all the power line to the houses.

 Brother time.  Sage loves time with Asher. 

 More smiles for the camera.  Between four and five weeks he is smiling regularly and going through a huge growth spurt.  He's been eating like mad this week and growing out of clothes that have fit him since he got home from the hospital.  He is now holding up his head and uses his legs regularly to push his body up.  He is such a wiggler...just like when he was inside of me.  It seems like he never stops moving.

Here Haven is bonding with Asher and I.  She wanted to feed her baby just like I'm feeding mine.  It was pretty cute.  She is also using all of Asher's things for her baby dolls.  When Asher isn't using them of course.