January 4, 2012

Asher's Arrival

Asher Emerson has arrived and we are soaking him up.  His first name means happiness and his middle name is from the name Emery which means brave or strong.  We're so content that he is here.

In the delivery room.  I loved how once he was born the nurses put him on my bare body and covered us in heated blankets.  We just laid there together for a long time and I could hear his little sweet newborn cry.  I really enjoyed that experience.

His papa's finger and his hands.

My sister...the rockstar.  She was SO wonderful to have around for labor, delivery and afterward.  She hung out with me during pre-labor as we walked around a local grocery store for my contractions to get more intense.  It was one of the only things open at 9pm at night during a rainstorm.  She fed me ice chips, put cool rags on my forhead, grabbed my legs while I pushed.  THANK YOU SISTER FRIEND...I LOVE YOU!!!!

My sweet man.  He was beyond happy when I was out of pain and done with pushing.

When Asher was born he came out twisting and turning and sideways in the end.  As a result he got pretty beat up during the process.  He came out really swollen, his jaw was crooked, his eyes were swollen shut, his forehead had an indention from my pelvic bone.  He was not a cute newborn to say the least.  His cone head can be seen below along with all the bruising.  He has healed amazingly well.

Having Lauren stay with me at the hospital was wonderful.  It allowed Paul to stay at home for a night with the kids and it allowed us some girl recovery time.

Uncle Jay came to visit us too.  Him and Lauren then spent New Year's Eve with the kids.  They bought decorations, sparkeling cider, pop its and more.  They made it fun for the kids even though we were away.  Thanks Auntie Lolo and Uncle Jay.

Big Brother Sage.  He really likes his baby brother.  His favorite thing to do is grab Asher's little hands and just hang out with him for minutes on end.  Considering how little this boy can sit or stand still that is saying something.

Paul is such a good Papa Bear.  He is super hands on and takes such good care of the baby.  All while balancing loving me and letting me rest and giving the other three kids the attention they need as they adjust to another sibling.  He is super thoughtful in so many ways.

Big Foot Barnes.  These are Asher's feet with Paul's fingers.

Happy New Year.  Lauren was sweet enough to bring celebration hats to the hospital and amazingly we were awake due to a midnight Asher feeding.  Party on!!!!!

The kids decorated the house for our homecoming.  What a festive way to ring in the New Year.

Just me, the Mama with my new little one.  I think he's so cute.  I love kissing him.

Xavier loves holding the baby.  Everyday he wants baby time.  He says hello to him , good morning, good night, he really has such a caring heart.  A great example being a big brother of three siblings.

Even Clover, our dog, loves the little one.  She is pretty protective and follows us everywhere we take him.  When he starts to cry she wines and checks up on him.  She now puts her head close to him and wants to sniff him to make sure everything is okay.