September 7, 2013

Goodbye Summertime

We had a lot of fun this summer spending time together.  After such a long year it's hard to say goodbye but it will be a good year for everyone.  We have a lot we're looking forward to.

Berry Picking...and eating.  Yummmmmmm!!!

Watering and eating strawberries from our yard.
Kids helping with house projects.

Sage's birthday party with his best buds.  Happy 10th!!!

Xavier learning how to mow the lawn on his own.

Asher on our nature trail.

Celebrating Father's Day with tasty food all day long.

Track Meets - All three big kids placed first in their age group.  Yahooooo!!!!

 Since the surgery I had in the spring, I've had to do some exercises and stretches to repair myself.  Asher normally joins me and tries to copy me the best he can.  It's so cute.

Haven in theater camp.  She loves drama and it's fun to watch her performances.
Bike riding for miles in the trees and along a river.
Of course the kids wanted to stop and play in the water.

 The San Juan Islands.  A day in the field for my work....not bad at all.

The research boat.

Asher's idea of a swimming pool.  He loved this all summer long.

Exploring the Cascades.

 Our destination hike.  A roaring surprise at the end.

Climbing on rocks and rock digging can occupy the kids or hours.

Asher took off all his clothes to play in the freezing mountain water.

  Coming Soon...
We were able to travel to California and Oregon this summer.  Stayed tuned for more pix.