June 14, 2013

Another Track Meet

So, it turns out that our kids like to run...
We enrolled Xavier in a preparatory track meet before the Junior Olympics and it turned out that Sage and Haven were eligible to compete.  While Xavier loves the long sprints (800m, 400m, and the 200m), Haven and Sage love the shorter races.  Sage ran the 400m, the 200m, and the 100m.  He cam very close to winning the 100m and finished 2nd.  Here is video of that run...

I was very proud of Sage when he ran the 400m.  He set the goal for himself to run at the same speed the entire race(which is very hard for him) and he did it!  

Haven did awesome too!
Here she is winning the 100m.

That was her first ever race!  She did great!
After she won the 100m, she also won the 200m race.  She did even better in the 200m.  Her comment to me at the end was that the 200m felt shorter than the 100m.

Here she is winning the 200m -- She's a blur!.  You can she how far back her competition was.

Her times were fast enough for her to start competing at regional and state track meets along with Xavier.  She is very excited and we are very happy she has found an athletic activity that she enjoys.

Way to go guys!  We are proud of you!

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