May 12, 2012

Bitter Sweet

It has been a bitter sweet month.  We got back from vacation and I had a month left of maternity leave with Asher, Paul and the big kids.  Here are just a few photos of our time together around the house.

The kids enjoyed Easter this year.  We were all a little tired because it was the day after we got back from traveling.  They raced to find eggs and collided a few times.  The kids planted purple and white tulips for me in November when I was very pregnant and not wanting to be on my hands and knees for a couple hours.  We were all happy to come home to them just starting to bloom.

Asher and I are just hanging out together.  I love it when he does this.  He will just sit around and be content listening to everyone talk, watch me put clothes away, clean the kitchen...This night I got to cuddle with him for awhile while Paul and I caught up talking.

My sister drove down to visit Asher and I before I went back to work.  We got to celebrate her birthday together.  We were happy to discover this shirt she bought Asher still fit him.  He is pretty big now...17 lbs and fitting into clothes for 6-9 mo old (sometimes hardly fitting might be a better way to put it).

Now that it's warming up outside Paul was working on his surf boards.  It is a getaway for him to pick up occasionally on a weekend morning and drive to the coast and go surfing.  We hope to start teaching the kids this summer.  As soon as Asher got on the board he was SUPER happy.  Maybe he'll join us one day too.

Asher LOVES his baby doll.  We named his doll Kofi (Ga for Friday).  In Ghana your name is also the day of the week you were born.  Asher was born on a Friday so Kofi it is.

Can you speak Asher?  He loves trying to talk to everyone, especially his siblings and animals.

Xavier is so sweet with Asher.  This day Paul and I had a lot of work we needed to do.  Xavier took Asher and occupied him for about an hour.  Asher now touches all the kids faces when he sees them.  He beams when they come home from school as they greet him.

Just Asher and I.  I'm really bad at taking pictures...let alone with me in them.  I love this picture.

At just over 4 months old Asher is now rolling from his belly to his back and from his back to his belly.  He is sitting up for short amounts of time.  He LOVES being read to and likes to turn pages in books when he can figure it out.  He loves patterns, jewlery, playing with my curly hair, and one of his favorite new toys are his toes.

I've been back to work for a week and it was really rough for me.  I miss Asher.  I miss my time with Sage, Haven and Xavier in the morning where instead of being rushed to get to work I'd get to make a cup of coffee and hang out with the kids and just talk and be with them.  I miss seeing them after school and having them be excited to share everything with me.  I miss being able to enjoy the moment more frequently.  I feel very fortunate to have had so much time at home with everyone and still very surprised I enjoyed being at the adjustment continues.