March 23, 2012

Away We Go

Asher is three months old now and away we go...he's getting BIG!!!  Here are a few pictures and a couple videos.  We're going to take our first family vacation with him for spring break.  Yahoo!!!!

Asher will sit up on the futon in the office and let me work.  He loves staring at all the colors on the pillows.

The kids have started reading to Asher.  Haven was so cute with him when she started this.  She got little beds set up on the floor and read him a book about swimming.  Asher listened to her, looked at the pages as she turned them and even held her hand part of the time.

Asher is starting use his big boy crib more and more.

He is getting so big the kids are able to carry him around much more.

It's spring time and we are getting all kinds of spring weather.  Including hail.  Xavier is growing his hair out so because he wants braids so he has a little fro.  We laughed as the hail bounced off his hair and also stuck to it. sweet.

Happy St. Patty's day.  Would you like some green eggs with donuts?  How about pesto for dinner too?  Sage has been wearing the medal in this picture almost everyday.  He got is a prize in class for being one of the top readers in his class.

Asher is able to play with toys now.  He sits in his chair and fiddles with things.  He'll hang out on the floor of the office and let me get things done.  He loves movement, color,'s fascinating to watch him learn.

Here's a little video of him watching the monkey in his bouncer.  He loves that monkey.  It's so funny.


Here is a little glimpse of how happy Asher is.  This is a normal morning video.  I'm so lucky I get to eat him up everyday while on maternity leave.