July 12, 2011

Our Little Stocking Stuffer

We are pregnant with our first belly baby and fourth child.  The pregnancy is four months along and due around Christmas time which is very funny because Paul and I never imagined we would have a child anywhere near the month of December.  This little one wanted to come faster than we thought.  We got pregnant when we were talking about when we would like to get pregnant.  We are super fortunate it happened so quickly and excited the kids will have another sibling in the house in just a few months.

We recently told the kids the news and they have been so sweet to me since they heard a baby is growing inside of me.  They want to go to the store and buy everything for the baby right away.  They keep asking me if the baby is hungry and they are so gentle (yes my beyond rough children are actually being gentle) when they hug me or run up to me.  They are also helping me carry things without being asked.  The boys lift various items with their little buff arms and are trying so hard to do certain jobs even when I tell them I can do it myself.  Haven the other day was telling me she hopes the baby's heart is okay so it doesn't need surgery like Xavier.  They've all taken to reading the baby name book we have to offer suggestions.  They are even writing down what the name means because they know how important that is to me.  The boys have both already asked if they can cut the umbilical cord.  All the many reasons Paul and I wanted to wait to get pregnant until we had time with our kids and how we wanted them to be in a place they could enjoy it are shining through this whole experience.  I imagine it will only get better.  We don't have much of anything planned for our little one.  We're hoping to enjoy our summer with our three kids and then dive into details once the rain comes again.  Below are some pictures of Paul and I telling the kids the news and an ultrasound of the baby.

Our fourth little munchkin.  It kept putting it's hand in it's mouth during this ultrasound.

Telling our beauties.  They were so happy to hear the news.

Haven wanted to touch my growing belly.  So precious.

After the kids asked Paul and I questions on when the baby would come, all three of the kids jumped on top of each other for a BUG hug.  They kept saying, I just want it to be Christmas right now.

My sister already bought some baby clothes for us to celebrate.  The kids enjoyed seeing them...even Clover wanted to join us.

Just pure bliss with these kids and our family.  Look at those smiles!!!