February 2, 2011


It's February and it's been gray for over three months now.  I don't normally notice it because I have grown to love winter.  The trees are barren, the constant rainy mist is soothing, I get cozy bundling up from the cold...I feel like I"m doing pretty well with all the clouds and the 4-5 feet of rain we get...then a sunny day comes and I get so amped to get OUTSIDE.  The days when it's sunny out and I have to work in the office are tough.  When the sunshine falls on the weekend I make the kids breakfast, pack up the car and tell them let's hit the road.

Hiking with my boys.  The high was in the high 20s this day but it was the first sunny day we had in awhile and the boys were willing to hang with me.  They ran around so much on the hike they actually got warm.  That's my boys...endless energy.

Building a fort on the beach with drift wood.  This beach day was perfect.  No rain, no wind, hardly any clouds...a rarity in winter.

They would have played until the sun went down.

Each time we've been able to get out and play in the sun this winter, at the end of the day when Paul and I tuck the kids into bed, one of them usually says, "Can we wake up and do that again?" 

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